Golf Tatry - Free application Golf Tatry and GPS coordinates for your smart phone

Free application Golf Tatry and GPS coordinates for your smart phone

Download free application Golf Tatry and GPS coordinates of our golf course Black Stork in the most frequently used GPS programme for golf courses.

App icon m.pngIn cooperation with Datacrea, Ltd. we have prepared an application Golf Tatry for Apple and operating system Android. This application offers you information about the 27-hole golf course Black Stork, A PGA Golf Course, such as a digital score card, game option for multiple players or GPS measurement with a live navigation from the current position to the golf course.

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Apart from that, the guide will enable you to see the graphic display of every hole, videos of flights over each of them, current news from the golf course with special offers and current weather in the golf course region with a forecast for next couple of days.

Application Golf Tatry has recently been awarded with 5 stars in review of users.



You can download the application for iPhone at  
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and for smartphones with OS Android at
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GPS coordinates of the Black Stork golf course for your smart phone

You can download your GPS coordinates right into your smartphone on the website following :


  1. You can find an application for your smartphone on
  2. register free of charge in the application or on the website (it only requiers an email and a password)
  3. You will achieve the Information about the golf course entering the sequence : Black Stork in the part of menu Course-Search
  4. Start the game with a click on New Round (choosing particular course) with setting optional data 
  5. GPS funktion can be changed during the play by clicking the GPS View - with showing the coordinates (List) in metres or with the Maps as well (Maps)


We wish you a pleasant and precise play on the Black Stork, A PGA Golf Course.


Beautiful panorama of the Tatra mountains can be admired from each of the 27 holes of Black Stork, A PGA Golf Course, from the hotel restaurant and lobby bar, when sitting on the sunny terraces of the hotel but also from the wellness center.